The choices you make at the point that you retire can have a huge impact on the income you receive throughout your retirement and how well your spouse and children are provided for.

Wake up your Wealth are experts in managing pension funds to provide retirement income and we have robust and proven processes for maintaining the value of your pension and addressing the risks of the underlying investment management.

Our solutions include flexible access drawdown arrangements and annuity products; suitability for the agreed purpose and outcome will determine which product is best for you.

Retirement is no longer what happens when we cease to work, retirement often now can be two different journeys:

Many retirees have a period of 15-20 years during which working hours may be reduced, travelling and hobbies may increase and income is often required to be flexible to complement unpredictable earning or spending patterns.  

Pension drawdown products are well suited to these circumstances and they lend themselves to retaining control over your capital when you are most likely to need the access to it.

As life progresses and such an active life becomes more challenging, it can also be a time to remove some of the risks that you manage in other areas of your life such as your finances. This later life retirement can be better provided for with a guaranteed income product and often sustainable incomes are higher from annuities than they can be from drawdown products, when the investor is over 80.

A lot is said about the ability to leave your pension money to your children, but if you live to a healthy old age there may be none left to leave them.

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