The choices you make at the point that you retire can have a huge impact on your income and your financial security.

Wake up your Wealth are experts in managing pension funds to provide retirement income and we have robust and proven processes for maintaining the value of your pension and addressing the risks of the underlying investment management.

Our solutions include flexible access drawdown arrangements and annuity products; we can allow for income from all sources and recommend you the best fit.


Many retirees have a period of 15-20 years during which working hours may be reduced, travelling and hobbies may increase and income is often required to be flexible to complement unpredictable earning or spending patterns.  

Pension drawdown products are well suited to these circumstances and they lend themselves to retaining control over your capital when you are most likely to need the access to it.

As time passes, it can also be attractive to remove some of the risk in your finances. This can be done by moving to an annual annuity product later in life, and we will help you consider this over the years.

It can be possible to leave your pension money to your children but, if you live to a healthy old age, there may be little left to leave them and being sure of your income might be more important.

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