How will you spend your retirement years: Will you live comfortably and enjoy the life you deserve after all those years of work or will you struggle to make ends meet?

When do you know if you have saved enough to retire? To answer these questions, you need a retirement plan, not just a pension.

The big questions in retirement planning are:
How much will I need to live on?
When will I be able to stop work?

How much will I need in retirement?

Greg can help you identify how much income you will need to live the retirement you deserve. To begin with, there’s food and shelter as a minimum, but who doesn’t want some freedom to spend some money in retirement?

It could be travelling the world, spoiling the grandchildren or taking up a hobby you have never had the time for. Having helped so many people to not only retire, but to fill their time with all sorts of amazing endeavours, Greg can help you settle on a realistic and exciting retirement plan.

This plan will take into account your goals and desires in retirement and adjust for expenses which will disappear, such as mortgage payments for example. It will also look at where best to take the money from at different times and where possible, limit the tax you have to pay.

When will I be able to stop working?

In most cases it is sooner than you think. Wake up your Wealth can help you map out a journey from where you are today to a comfy retirement, on a year by year basis; with suggestions on when to reduce working hours, how and when to draw money from your pensions, and how to bridge the extra years you have to wait for your state pension.

Using a realistic goal for retirement income combined with our knowledge of tax & pension rules and investment returns, Greg and the team can estimate the earliest age you can expect to stop working.

What if I don’t only have pensions?

Your retirement plan can include how much you need to save each month, how best to use your business to retire and how to allow for an inheritance that maybe many years away.

Greg’s experience of dealing with all manner of assets and sources of income means that Wake up your Wealth can take almost anything into account in your retirement plan. We are experts at pensions and that includes how best to use them alongside all other forms of wealth and how to limit investment risk by using a mixture of assets.

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