Pensions are designed to assist in planning for your future and financial stability during your retirement years.

Pensions come in various shapes and sizes and we can advise on all types. These days’ pensions are simpler and more flexible than they used to be and we can help you choose the right one.

Savers have more freedom than ever when it comes to planning for retirement, especially as the rules on pensions have changed considerably over the past few years.

The vast array of pension options and understanding the benefits of each of them can be difficult to navigate.

 To help with this, the Wake up your Wealth team are well-versed in all types of pensions, whether it’s 40 years old or brand new.

We also use our industry experience and regularly updated research to conclude which pensions are best suited to which people so we can consider all the new pensions available as well as all the ones you already have to see which of them is best to keep and which can be changed or modernised.

Pension consolidation is a popular service and in most situations, we can save you money on the running costs of your pensions, and our ongoing advice service delivers above average returns after all costs are accounted for.

When consolidating pensions we don’t automatically assume you should use a new product; instead we look for a financial benefit to you as the investor first, and we only move money into a new product if that benefit outweighs other factors. We are happy to consolidate your pensions into your employer’s scheme or one of your existing pensions, if it is a suitable course of action. 

Our pension advice also includes our proven investment strategy, so you can be confident of getting the results you expect without undue risk.

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