Here at Wake Up Your Wealth we have a glass half full mentality, however no one knows what lies ahead.

That’s why we arrange insurance policies where it’s appropriate to provide peace of mind.

Wake Up Your Wealth can provide a range of insurance products, via a fully advised service to ensure that the insurance you have is designed for the purpose it meets.

Life Assurance offers valuable financial support in the event of an unexpected death, typically to settle a mortgage or other debts, or to provide an income and source of money if one of the household incomes is lost. It can also be used to cover a potential inheritance tax liability, the value of a small business and it can also be used to cover loss of profit to a business if key personnel are lost.



Our plans can include term assurance of various types, whole life assurance, family income benefit and critical illness cover where appropriate.

Income protection can be crucial to protecting your financial security while you are not working, and this is an often overlooked but very valuable and powerful form of cover; it is particularly important to the self-employed and business owners. We will recommend you take out such a product if it is relevant to you.

Wake up your Wealth can also arrange private medical insurance along with accident and sickness plans upon request.

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