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Is it just a Pension?

In the last few months I have been talking to a variety of investors who have used their pensions in different ways, and it made me think: how many of us have pigeon holed our pensions in our minds and don’t realise the good it could do.

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  • Mrs R is going to work part time. She has 8 years before her state pension starts, but she can access her personal pension money early and draw just enough to make up for the 2 days less she is working.
  • Maureen is expecting an inheritance since her uncle died; she’s not sure when it will come and it could a year or so. Nonetheless, she knows the money is on the way and she can stop work next month and draw her tax free lump sum out to live on while she waits.
  • Ben is changing career – he’s been a keen wood turner in his spare time while he worked for the bank. Now he’s going to give up the day job and follow his passion. He will need to turn his pension on and off, and he needs a bit of cash up front for equipment, but he’s buzzing with excitement at finally doing what he loves for a living while he still feels young.
  • Mr P has a healthy pension, more income than he needs. His daughter’s got a health problem and working so hard is making it worse. We did a few sums and now he re-directs enough of his income to her that she can go part time and focus on her physiotherapy and recovery. Plus there is no inheritance tax problem for Mr P.

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Pension are flexible these days, once you get to 55; often people have a few pensions, maybe an investment and some savings but how best to use them? How do you get them to help you, how do make them work for your benefit?

The big questions always apply: have I saved enough? How much will I need? What will I do if I stop work? The good news is that for many people the answers to these questions can be: more than you think, less than you realise and you will be too busy to think about work.

Nonetheless care should be taken; the world of pension is confusing, technical and often the information you get is incomplete. You need an expert on your side, someone in your corner to help you punch above your weight.

So get a good retirement planner. A specialist pension adviser that knows all the banana skins and pitfalls, and how to avoid them. A financial adviser that has seen it all before but never gets complacent; an adviser with integrity and honesty that can be trusted; someone who knows that simplicity and reliability matter; someone with an eye for detail and an efficient service; and a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society thrown in for good measure.

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