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Wake up your Wealth have been operating in the financial sector for 24 years, 15 years self employed as an adviser. Our friendly, caring and experienced team provide valuable financial advice on a range of financial matters, from Investments and Pensions to Mortgage and Healthcare plus everything in between.

We are proud to offer you an exceptional client experience and impartial advice across our range of financial solutions.

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Retirement and Pension Planning Adviser Ashford and Stanwell

We help people retire: we help them retire early, we help them retire wealthy, we help them retire young, we help them retire healthy with our Retirement Planning services. Call Greg today on 07747 055518 or 0203 8937540 for free initial telephone advice.

Retirement doesn’t happen overnight: you have to think it through, be realistic, and get used to the idea. If you’re a long way off you might have to focus on saving or Pension Consolidation. If you’re close you might wonder what you’re going to do all day? So step 1 is to set your objective with Specialist Pensions Advice.

Then you add the numbers up. How much have I got? When should I take it? What about tax? Will I need a new pension? What about all my old pensions? How much does it all cost? These are all things that might need to be addressed, and step 2 is to work out the plan. Read more about the different Retirement Solutions available to you.

Finance Adviser and Financial Advice Spelthorne Borough Middlesex

Greg and Charlotte have been working with pensions for over 20 years; so they bring a wealth of expertise to giving great advice and providing excellent service. Wake up your Wealth is a small firm and we are trusted advisers for Financial Investment Advice and Financial Safety with Insurances to families mainly around Spelthorne Borough and Middlesex.

Do you need some financial design for purpose? Is your money at risk? Is that appropriate? What returns do you need? Are you getting them? How does this fit in with your life? How will it work with your spouse? Your children? Investing in the right assets at the right time is important, so you don’t get any unexpected shocks – step 3 is to manage your risks.

Then you have to see it through. What if the money goes down? What if I get made redundant? Or promoted? Regular review and updating of the plan keeps it on track. Discipline, faith and tenacity will help see you through, and allow the investments to do their job for you – step 4 is to deliver results.

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Greg says: “For most people I meet, retirement is still just a nice idea and they don’t really know what to make of it, or what it might be like.

By the time their retirement plan is delivering for them, they don’t know how they ever had time for work, and life is a pleasure every day.”


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